How I Got Rid Of My Stuffy “Pregnancy Nose”

Hey everyone, it’s Maria here!

You know how every pregnancy has its own set of quirks? Well, for me, it was my ever-stuffy nose. Imagine trying to breathe with what felt like a couple of marshmallows up your nostrils! Every night was a struggle, and I just couldn’t get comfortable.

And with the baby I really didn’t want to put any strange sprays or stuff in my body, especially not while I’m carrying my little bundle of joy. So I did what most of us do – I complained about it on Facebook!

That’s when my dear friend Emma came to the rescue. She messaged me about these things called Hale nasal dilators. They sounded fancy, but she explained they’re just like contact lenses for your nose. Intrigued, I decided to give them a shot.

Let me tell you, these things are a game-changer! The first time I put them in, it felt like a summer breeze had swept through my nose. And the coolest part? They’re so discreet; nobody even knows I have them on!

With these little helpers, my nights transformed. I could finally sleep without feeling like I was in a never-ending battle with my own nose.

If there are any moms-to-be out there with a stuffy nose, give these a try. I can’t recommend them enough. Being pregnant definitely has its ups and downs, but thanks to my little nose friends, I’ve got one less thing to worry about. Sweet dreams and clear breathing to all!

Oh, and I used a coupon finder to get their discount link HERE so you can get $8.00 off