These Icy Sheets Will Keep You Cool All Summer Long – “The health benefits are miraculous”

Looking for the perfect set of summer sheets?

Too hot to sleep?

Trying to fall asleep on hot nights can be unbearable. Lying in your hot, dark room, tossing and turning in your damp, sticky sheets, desperately trying to cool down. It’s torturous.

And when you finally do fall asleep, you wake up feeling groggy and irritable the next morning from a restless night of tossing and turning, just to battle the heat again the next night. It’s a vicious cycle with no relief in sight.

Meet Miracle Sheets – The “World’s Best Cooling Sheets”

Thankfully, a new bedding company called Miracle Sheets has created the ultimate solution to this problem – a set of cooling sheets that some have described as downright “chilly.” But these aren’t just any cooling sheets. They’re “cool to the touch sheets” thanks to being infused with antibacterial cooling silver.

And thanks to their unique percale cotton weave they’re incredibly breathable, allowing your body heat to quickly be released while allowing cool air to flow in instead. Which means these sheets are designed to keep you cool, even on the hottest summer nights. 

But what makes Miracle Sheets so impressive isn’t just how well they keep you cool, it’s their unique antibacterial properties.The bedding experts at Miracle infused their sheets with silver – which in addition to cooling naturally kills 99.9% of bacteria – so they actually stay clean up to 3x longer than regular sheets. Meaning no night sweats, bacteria, nasty odors, acne causing germs, or bed mites.

So not only do these sheets keep you nice and chilly on those unbearably hot, muggy nights. But they keep you clean too. Which means less laundry, clearer skin, no more night sweats, and overall better sleep.

Miracle Sheets Have Even Started Trending On Social Media

With thousands of people now discovering the cooling (and self-cleaning) power of Miracle Sheets, it’s estimated they will be completely sold out by summer. Some are saying it’s the ultimate summer product because it keeps you cool, and keeps your skin beautiful, and who doesn’t want to be cool and beautiful during the summer?!

Why Miracle Sheets Could Be Sold Out Sooner Than You Think

In addition to going viral on social media, there’s another reason it may be hard to get your hands on these cooling sheets for the summer. AirBnB owners have discovered them, and they’re buying them like crazy

Yes, these are very popular sheets for AirBnBs because of their cleanliness properties, and rentals without AC in the summer need ways to keep their guests cool. So they’ve turned to Miracle Sheets for their cooling and cleaning needs. AirBnB owners are getting more 5-star reviews just by having these luxury cooling sheets on the bed. 

Where Can I Get Miracle Sheets?

Miracle sheets are already sold out in retail stores, however right now you can still get them on their official website here. And the best part is right now they’re 42% off. We’re not sure how long this sale will last, nor can we guarantee they will have inventory left. However, as of this writing they still have inventory available. 

So if you’re suffering in the heat at night, we’d highly recommend making the shift over to Miracle Sheets and cooling down.