Single Mom’s Genius Cooling Discovery Is The Perfect Solution For Summer Heat

“I refused to pay the energy company’s insane prices just to cool my home, so I did this instead. Now my family stays cool all day, and I’ve cut my energy bill in half.”

I can’t afford to run my AC all night long, so in the summertime my family’s bedrooms turn into ovens, making it very difficult for any of us to get a good night’s sleep.

Summer nights are spent tossing and turning, and summer mornings are usually met with a groggy head and damp sheets (damp sheets that need to be washed twice as often!)

The worst part of it is that my kids also suffer from their rooms being too hot. They’re growing kids with school, sports, and activities… they need to get good sleep.

On top of that, being a single mom with a full time job I can’t afford to be tired.

But because the heat keeps me from sleeping well my energy levels, focus, and general overall mood are much lower the next day. I’m not as productive, happy, or healthy as I need to be.

So this summer I decided to make a change and find an affordable cooling solution for my family, so we could sleep better on these hot summer nights instead of tossing and turning in the heat.

My Affordable Cooling Discovery

Because I’m a single mom on a budget I can’t afford to run my AC all night and add thousands of dollars to my energy bill. It’s just too much.

So after spending hours searching the web for viable solutions I finally found exactly what I was looking for – an affordable, portable, powerful cooling device that I could set on my nightstand that cools me off while I sleep… 

Using a 55% discount I found online, I ordered one to try out. Within just a few days it had arrived, and once I turned it on I knew I was onto something big! It immediately started pumping out ice cold air. But it did more than just cool me off… it quickly cooled down my entire room… within minutes!

This device, called the Chillwell 2.0 is an ingenious device developed by a team of electrical engineers from MIT who figured out an incredibly efficient way to turn hot air into cold air for a fraction of the cost of traditional AC units.

And although it may look small, don’t be deceived by its size. This little box is incredibly efficient, and pumps out so much cold air it will refrigerate a normal sized bedroom within minutes, turning your hot stuffy room into a nice cold sleep sanctuary.

You see, they use a proprietary “insta-frost” technology that instantly freezes incoming hot air, and pumps it out as cold air. And the best part is you don’t need to plug it in. It runs on a rechargeable battery, so if you want to take it with you to another room, you can just pick it up and carry it without having to turn it off.

I personally love having it on my nightstand (as do my kids).

I’m Getting The Best Sleep Of My Life

After trying out the Chillwell for a few nights, I was completely sold. Ten minutes before going to bed I turn it on, usually while brushing my teeth, and let it cool down my room. I leave it on throughout the night so I can get the gentle cold breeze blowing on me while I sleep. The gentle breeze creates a nice ambient background noise that also helps me fall asleep.

 Since using the Chillwell, I’ve been getting the best sleep of my life. My room stays cool, I stay cool, and I’ve been waking up feeling so refreshed. I wake up feeling alert, energized, and ready to take on the day. Because I’m getting better sleep, I’ve been more productive at my job, less irritable, and just happier. It’s amazing how much a cooler temperature can affect your sleep.

My Kids Are Obsessed With Their New Coolers

When I ordered the Chillwell Cooler I got 3 – one for me and one for each of my kiddos. For me, seeing if it helped my kids was the real test to see if it worked, because if it didn’t make a difference to them, then I would need to keep searching. 

Typically in the summer they go to bed, and will toss and turn before getting up an hour or so later and complain to me they can’t sleep because of the heat. I’ll have to get a cold washcloth and put it on their head while a fan blows the hot air around in their room.

With The Chillwell, I just set it on their nightstands, turned it on, and let it pump out cold air into their room and onto their faces while they sleep. (A plus for kids, is it comes with a built in night light in multiple colors). Within minutes the temperature in their room had dropped from the 90’s to the 70’s.

The results?

Thankfully, I’m happy to report this powerful little cooler rapidly cooled down their rooms within minutes, and continued to provide them with ice cold air all night long. As a result they’ve been sleeping like babies! They’re obsessed! They especially love the different colored night lights they can choose from that match their personalities. They didn’t get up once and I could tell they slept great! They’re more awake at breakfast, less groggy in the mornings, and a lot less irritable. All blessings of a great night sleep, provided by Chillwell.

How Much Are They And Where Can I Get One?

As of the time of writing this, Chillwells are available at 55% OFF for about $89! Which is a fraction of what you would spend running your AC all night the entire summer trying to cool off your entire home. Because they’ve become so popular however, they’re completely sold out in stores. So the only way to get them right now is to order through their official website HERE (your 55% discount will automatically be applied).

P.S… if you don’t like it or it doesn’t work, don’t worry. They have a 30-day refund policy where you can send it back for a full refund, no questions asked.