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my nuzzle pillow review
Nuzzle Pillow Review $49.99

Product Name: Nuzzle Pillow

Product Description: The Nuzzle Pillow is a NASA inspired, fully adjustable pillow that is made to help alleviate neck and back pain while sleeping. It maximizes comfort without compromising support through the use of thousands of tiny nano coil fibers that create an "anti-gravity" effect for your head and neck. It also stays cool all night long through the use of the latest temperature regulating technology. Because it's fully adjustable, it's best for stomach, side, and back sleepers.

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Review Summary

The Nuzzle Pillow is our top pick for best pillow of 2023. We had three team members test it out – a back sleeper, a side sleeper, and me, a stomach sleeper. The results? We all agree this is the best pillow we’ve tried so far. Because it’s fully adjustable it suited all of our sleeping needs. And it’s incredible how it stayed cool all night, which allowed us to get a deeper sleep, since staying cool at night is a major factor in quality of sleep. This is because they use a similar fabric that astronauts use to regulate their temperature in a space suit. High tech for a pillow, and I love it.



  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Best pillow to relieve neck pain
  • 60-day sleep trial
  • Designed to stay cool
  • Machine washable
  • Uses NASA technology
  • Inanely comfortable
  • Best choice for side, back, and stomach sleepers
  • Fully adjustable
  • Alleviates neck and back pain while sleeping
  • Available discounts


  • Only Available Online

Full Nuzzle Pillow Review:

my nuzzle pillow review

“If I could have one pillow for the rest of my life, this would be it.”

My old pillow had become flat and dull, so it was time for me to find a new one.

After doing a bit of research I found a company called the Nuzzle pillow, who claimed to make the best pillow on the market, and they achieve this by incorporating NASA technology that helps to regulate your body temperature while you sleep, and uses thousands of nano-coil fibers to help your neck and head feel a sense of weightlessness, which they say helps you sleep better.

I’m also a bit of a snorer, and after seeing the benefits of this pillow I discovered it’s also one of the best anti snore pillows, which was a major plus.

So naturally I decided to do a full nuzzle pillow review so we could see what it’s all about.

What Is The Nuzzle Pillow?

The Nuzzle Pillow was developed by a startup from Canada whose founder couldn’t find the right pillow to sleep on. So he decided to make his own. To do this he partnered with some of the best product design specialists, textile manufacturers, developers, sleep experts, and supply chain managers in the industry. After years of research and development, and testing dozens of prototypes, they finally created what many are calling the perfect pillow.

It’s a kew kind of pillow that uses NASA inspired technology to give you a “zero-gravity” feeling while you sleep. They use a down alternative called nano fiber coils that are much more comfortable, durable, and more supportive than most any other type of pillow filling. And it’s these millions of tiny nano fibers that give your head and neck this weightless sensation.

Packaging & Delivery Of The Nuzzle Pillow

I was skeptical at first, but decided to order it because I wanted to review it for you guys. And within 3 days of ordering it showed up on my doorstep. Not only was the delivery lightning fast, but the packaging was beautiful. Off to a great start!

It’s clear to me that the people at Nuzzle Pillow want you to have a good customer experience. They want you to get it quickly, and they want their presentation to be a positive experience. There is nothing sloppy or lazy about their packaging like you might expect to find from a pillow hastily ordered on Amazon. No, they make sure it’s a beautiful experience.

Adjusting The Nuzzle Pillow For Sleep Style

Nuzzle Pillow comes with the ability to fully adjust your pillow to whatever kind of sleeper you are with the intention of keeping your spine aligned correctly so you don’t have a sore neck or back in the morning.

  • Great For Stomach Sleepers – Nuzzle Pillow recommends using the Slim Layer because it provides just the right amount of softness and support. When you use this slim layer as a stomach sleeper it keeps your spine and neck in the proper alignment so you wake up feeling great.
  • Great For Back Sleepers – Nuzzle Pillow recommends using the medium layer because it maintains straight spinal alignment. The medium setting is perfect for back sleepers and is designed avoid kinks in your neck and a stiff back.
  • Best Pillow For Side Sleepers – Nuzzle Pillow recommends using both layers to provide maximum support. Side sleepers need to make sure their neck doesn’t get kinked while they sleep so Nuzzle took this into account to make a setting just for them.


The Nuzzle Pillow ranks VERY high on the list of comfortable pillows I’ve tried. What makes this one so unique is it doesn’t sacrifice support for comfort. Typically in pillows they have to trade off between comfort and support. The more comfortable a pillow is, the less support you typically have. That’s not the case with Nuzzle. In fact, you get just as much support out of this as you would a more firm pillow, but it’s just as comfortable – if not more so – as the softest pillows out there.


But it doesn’t compromise support to be comfortable. In fact, it’s one of the most supportive pillows on the market. This is due to the revolutionary nano-fiber spring technology they’ve introduced to the pillow market. NASA has been using this technology for a long time, but Nuzzle has figured out how to add this seamlessly into a pillow, that gives an incredible amount of support without compromising comfort.

The nano-spring fiber technology not only gives you a sense of weightlessness while you sleep, but it better supports and aligns your neck and spine so you don’t wake up with a sore neck or back.

How Nuzzle Pillow Rates For Temperature Regulation

Taking another queue from NASA, Nuzzle Pillow used the same type of fabric in their pillow that astronauts use in their space suits to control temperature. So it automatically cools itself to help regulate your temperature, so it doesn’t heat up like all the other pillows out there. Staying cool while you sleep is one of the best ways to get good, deep sleep. So when I saw how cool this pillow keeps you at night, I knew I had to try it.

After sleeping with it for just an hour, it was clear to me the pillow wasn’t going to heat up. I even laid on it for 30 minutes, then felt it and it didn’t increase the temperature at all. It stayed cool.


Most pillows tend to start slumping after a few months of sleeping on them.1 They lose their support and start to go flat. But Nuzzle says their pillows will last over 1,000 days of sleepthat’s about 3 years without having to buy another pillow! This is because of the nano-fiber technology we mentioned above. Those nano-fiber coils last much longer than traditional foam or feather pillows.

Overall Quality

The overall quality of this pillow is impressive. I’ve been sleeping on this pillow for over a month now, and it still blows my mind how great it is. It’s machine washable, yet doesn’t lose any of its best qualities, like softness, comfort or support. It’s incredibly durable without feeling tough. It’s incredibly supportive without compromising comfort. It doesn’t feel cheap despite the great value. It feels like something you would find in a 5-star luxury hotel. And it’s hypo-allergenic so there aren’t any issues for people with allergies.


The value for these pillows is about as good as it gets. They advertise $49.99, which by all accounts is a great price for a pillow of this quality, but it’s actually $49.99 for 2 pillows, which means you’re actually paying $40 per pillow. And if you buy more you get discounted even further the more pillows you buy.

They’re also running a 50% off discount right now, which makes this such an attractive purchase. I don’t think there’s a better pillow on the market anywhere near this good of a price, so take advantage of this discount while you can because it probably won’t last forever.

Finally, if you thought this deal couldn’t get any better, they offer a 60-day money back guarantee! So even after all that, if for some reason you try it out and realize it’s not for you, just send it back and they’ll give you a full refund. If that doesn’t scream confidence in their product I don’t know what does.

Some Questions We Had About The Nuzzle Pillow


So, is this the world’s best pillow? A bold claim, but YES it is.

This is the best pillow I’ve tried ever tried. I’ve tried feathers, memory foam, gel pillows… and none of them are as good as this one. The quality is great, it keeps you cool, it’s super comfortable, and incredibly supportive. I wake up feeling like I’ve had a deeper sleep, with no weird kinks in my neck, no tight back, and no foggy head.

This pillow is the real deal, and for the price + discounts + money back guarantee you really can’t beat it.