5 Ways to Dispose of a Mattress

dispose of mattress

Even though mattresses can be used for a long time, they eventually need to be disposed of. The process isn’t always straightforward, but fortunately, people can take some easy steps to get rid of their old mattresses. Read on to find out five ways to dispose of a mattress. 

Donate the mattress

Some charity organizations accept mattress donations. It’s a great way to help somebody else while ridding yourself of this large item of trash at the same time.

Remember: the condition of the mattress is important. Mattresses that are in bad shape are probably best disposed of in another way.

Certain charity organizations will offer to pick up mattresses at your home. If this isn’t the case, people can turn to local moving or junk hailing services for help. 

Recycle the mattress

There are environmentally friendly organizations dedicated to taking items like mattresses and recycling their components. Some of them pick up mattresses as part of their services; in other cases, people may need to hire movers or trash haulers to help with the job. 

Reuse the mattress

Lots of people have spare bedrooms or guest spaces that could use a bed. Before rushing to throw out an older mattress, consider moving it into one of those rooms instead.

A mattress doesn’t have to be reused in its original state, either. DIYing has become increasingly popular in recent years — and it’s possible to DIY with a mattress. For example:

• Use coils and springs to create candle holders and ornaments

• Use wooden frames to create compost bins or garden beds

Give the mattress away

Sometimes, donating a used mattress isn’t easy. A lot of potential concerns go into accepting mattress donations. People may need to consider giving their mattresses away if donating them isn’t an option.

Don’t give away dirty or damaged mattresses — they should be clean and in good condition. 

Throw away the mattress

Lots of people wonder how to throw away a mattress. Sometimes, it’s not possible to donate, recycle, sell, or give away a mattress. Throwing it out becomes the only option.

Check local regulations before throwing out a mattress. There are generally rules about how it can be done. Some mistakes can get people in trouble; it’s best to make informed decisions.

Usually, the answer winds up being taking the mattress to a landfill. Some people also use junk removal services to help them get the job done. 

The bottom line

There are actually lots of things people can do with their old mattresses. If it’s time to get rid of a mattress, try:

• Donating it

• Recycling it

• Reusing it

• Giving it away

• Throwing it away