3 Best Pillows For Those Suffering From Neck (and Shoulder) Pain – Ranked and Reviewed

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Is neck pain ruining your sleep? Do you wake up stiff, groggy, and in pain the next morning? It’s estimated that at over 35 million Americans have neck pain and should be using a pillow that provides adequate support. Aside from being irritating and painful, most have no idea how much sleeping with neck pain can affect their long term health. 

Neck pain can keep you from sleeping well, often waking you up multiple times throughout the night. As a result your sleep suffers, which can lead to long term health effects from years of bad sleep

Thankfully, most of the time neck pain can be alleviated with something as simple as having the right pillow. So we put together a list of the best pillows for neck pain.

What is the best pillow for neck pain?

After testing dozens of pillows, these are the clear winners. Here are our top picks for the best pillows for neck pain.

Top 3 Best Pillows For Neck Pain

Derila Memory Foam Pillow

Sleepgram Adjustable Pillow 

Nuzzle "Anti-Gravity" Pillow

1. Derila Pillow

Best Overall Pillow For Neck Pain

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Our Take

Derila is our #1 pick for best pillow for neck pain because it’s an ergonomically designed memory foam pillow that’s specifically designed to alleviate neck pain. It’s been designed to align your neck and your spine which eliminates awkward head positioning while you sleep, which takes pressure off the neck allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed, and without any pain or stifness of the neck.


out of 10

Best ForOverall Neck Pain
Price$133.17 $39.95
Refund Policy30 Days
DiscountGet 70% Off

What makes Derila the best pillow for neck pain?

A lot of work went into making this pillow. Most pillows for neck pain are just a wedge. But Derila didn’t want to be just another anti snoring pillow, they also wanted to be a super comfortable and supportive pillow for all sleeping positions.

This pillow’s real secret lies in it’s incredibly well thought out ergonomic design, which aligns your neck with your spine, since one of the major causes of snoring and sleep apnea is a misaligned spine – Derila fixes that.

best pillow for neck pain

This neck supporting design also has another added benefit of helping you eliminate neck pain. Here are some of the brilliant thing this pillow can do that help it standout as our top pick for best pillow for snorers:

  • Engineered to stop you from snoring by propping your head up to keep your airways open
  • Offers great neck support to help eliminate neck pain
  • Made to be super comfortable as well
  • Reduce muscle pain and headaches
  • Take it with you. Great travel pillow to sleep on the go.
  • Memory foam that molds to your unique shape
  • Aligns the neck and spine
  • Great for any sleep position – stomach, back, or side sleepers.
  • Machine washable cover
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cooling outer layer helps regulate temperature while you sleep

I slept with Derila for a week, here are my results

After sleeping with the Derila pillow for a week I started to realize a few things. First getting out of bed was so much easier. Second, my persistent neck pain had completely vanished. This in and of itself was a miracle to me.

I also know I snore on occasion, so before using the Derila pillow I used a sleep app to listen to when I snore, and recorded it. This gave me my normal snoring baseline. Turns out I snore more than I thought, which could also be the reason I felt groggy in the mornings.

Fast forward to a week later, my Derila pillow arrived. I recorded myself for a week on the snoring app, sleeping on one of the best pillows for snorers, and here are my results:

Day 1: Sleep app recorded NO snoring.

Day 2: No snoring and my neck isn’t stiff when I wake up.

Day 3: No snoring recorded, and I’m waking up easier than I have in years.

Day 4: No snoring recorded, no neck pain, getting out of bed is easy.

Day 5: No snoring, back is less stiff too now, feel super refreshed getting out of bed.

Day 6: No snoring, feel amazing, don’t need coffee to wake me up.

Day 7: No snoring recorded, wake up with energy, no neck or back pain/stiffness.

Pricing, Promotions & Refunds

Derila ranks as one of the more affordable pillows for snorers at just $39.95. This is mainly due to their giant 70% promotion. Their pillow which is normally priced around $130, is selling for just $39.95 after the discount is applied.

They offer a standard 30-day refund policy, so if you decide you don’t love it you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked.

What we like/ dislike about the Derila pillow

To be honest, after testing Derila there wasn’t much we didn’t like about it. Aside from the fact that it’s only available online, that’s about it. Other than that this pillow stole the show. Here are our main likes and dislikes.


  • It actually works, like really well.
  • For being solely focused on being a pillow for snorers, it’s actually very comfortable as well.
  • It gives your absolute and total support.
  • I woke up feeling refreshed every morning since switching to Derila.
  • Thanks to the pillow’s ergonomic design, my stiff neck went away.
  • Pillow molded to my unique shape over time.


  • Only available online
  • Couldn’t find a warranty


The Derila pillow isn’t just your standard anti-snoring pillow. It’s more or less the swiss army knife of pillows. It does it all. It works to get rid of snoring, alleviates neck pain, is supportive, comfortable, great to travel with, molds to fit you. Basically everything you’d want out of a significant other ;P

If you have trouble with snoring we highly recommend this pillow.

2. Sleepgram Pillow

Best Pillow For Neck & Shoulder Pain

most comfortable pillow for snorers

Our Take

For those who have neck pain but still want a super comfortable pillow, this is the one for you. Even though Sleepgram has made a seriously comfortable pillow, they’ve also made it fully adjustable with removable inserts allowing anyone with neck pain to set it to the perfect loft to align their neck and spine. Use these inserts to adjust firmness, loft, and comfort.


out of 10

Best ForNon-Memory Foam Neck Pillow
Refund Policy100 Days
PromotionFREE Shipping

What makes Sleepgram one of the most comfortable pillows for neck pain?

Sleepgram went through over 75 iterations of its pillow before releasing it to the public to make sure they were the best pillow for neck and shoulder pain.

They wanted to make sure it not only gave people with neck pain the support they need, but that it also truly was the world’s most comfortable pillow. To achieve this they use a down alternative called nano fiber, and created two removable inserts so you can adjust the pillow to the exact position you want it. This gives those with neck pain the ultimate flexibility in setting up their pillow to their desired position.

The special filling in their pillow allows the sleeper to lay on their side, back or stomach and still get the support they need. It achieves this by aligning their spine and contouring to their position to offer optimal support.

Key Features

  • Removable inserts let you customize to your sleeping position
  • The most comfortable pillow we’ve reviewed
  • Hypoallergenic so your nose doesn’t get stuffy when you sleep (great for allergies)
  • Machine washable cover so it can be cleaned all the time
  • Great neck and head support to help eliminate any neck pain
  • Does a good job helping to stop snoring.

I slept with it for a week, here are my thoughts:

Sleeping with the Sleepgram pillow I noticed a few things right away. First it was just as comfortable as advertised, if not more so. By far the comfiest pillow I’ve slept on. Two, I used to sneeze and cough more in bed and that has stopped since switching out this pillow – so I’m a lot less stuffed up.

Finally, I absolutely loved being able to adjust the pillow to my desired loft and firmness. I sleep on my side so being able to adjust it was great. If you’re looking for an anti snore pillow for side sleepers, this is it.

This let me get it to the PERFECT position where not only was I comfortable but my snoring evaporated. (If you’re a back sleeper I’d recommend using both inserts to get rid of your snoring)

Pricing, Promotions, Refunds & Warranty

Pricinig: Sleepgram pillows are highly affordable, starting at $40 each and getting cheaper the more you buy.

Promotions: The only promotion we could find as of this writing is they’re offering free shipping on all orders. Not bad!

Refund Policy: Sleepgram has one of the most generous refund policies of any anti snore pillow we reviewed, allowing you to sleep on it for 100 days and still return it for a full refund!

Warranty: Sleepgram offers a full lifetime warranty, so if the pillow gives out on your, they replace it free of charge, no questions asked.

What we like/ dislike about Sleepgram pillow


  • The ability to use the inserts to adjust the pillows to my desired loft and firmness was a game changer.
  • The pillow really was just as comfortable as advertised. You just sink right into it.
  • It offers excellent support when using the firm insert, which helps alleviate stiff necks and snoring.
  • It being hypoallergenic really helped with my nasal congestion, since I have bad allergies, and I snore when I’m congested.


  • It’s only available online


Sleepgram is and excellent pillow. Very comfortable, very supportive, and adjustable which is huge. It can absolutely help you with your snoring if you’re a light snorer. We think this will be the most popular choice since most people are light snorers and also want a highly comfortable, adjustable pillow. If you’re a heavy snorer and you’re looking to stop snoring quickly this may not be the right pillow for you.

3. Nuzzle Pillow

Best Pillow For Neck And Shoulder Pain

my nuzzle pillow review

Our Take

Most sleepers sleep on their sides, and if you’re one of them, you will definitely need the right pillow for the job or you’ll risk developing neck and shoulder pain over time. After testing Nuzzle extensively, we found that it really excelled in the support it gives to side sleepers. No neck pain, no shoulder pain. It feels great and gives the right amount of support to align your neck and your spine so you avoid waking up with a stiff neck, sore back, or a “dead arm.”


out of 10

Best ForSide Sleepers
Refund Policy60 Days
PromotionGet 50% OFF

Why is Nuzzle pillow so special?

The Nuzzle Pillow is a NASA inspired, fully adjustable pillow that is made to help alleviate neck and back pain while sleeping. It maximizes comfort without compromising support through the use of thousands of tiny nano coil fibers that create an “anti-gravity” effect for your head and neck. It also stays cool all night long through the use of the latest temperature regulating technology. Because it’s fully adjustable, it’s best for stomach, side, and back sleepers.

What makes it even better is it comes fully loaded with a smart app that gives you a detailed snore report, and it’s loaded with AIOT technology, which uses impressive AI to help you stop snoring while you sleep through their snoring intervention technology in the pillow.

Key Features

  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Best pillow to relieve neck pain
  • 60-day sleep trial
  • Designed to stay cool
  • Machine washable
  • Uses NASA technology
  • Inanely comfortable
  • Best choice for side, back, and stomach sleepers
  • Fully adjustable
  • Alleviates neck and back pain while sleeping
  • Available discounts

Pricing, Promotions, Refund Policy, & Warranty

The value for these pillows is about as good as it gets. They advertise $49.99, which by all accounts is a great price for a pillow of this quality, but it’s actually $49.99 for 2 pillows, which means you’re actually paying $40 per pillow. And if you buy more you get discounted even further the more pillows you buy.

They’re also running a 50% off discount right now, which makes this such an attractive purchase. I don’t think there’s a better pillow on the market anywhere near this good of a price, so take advantage of this discount while you can because it probably won’t last forever.

Finally, if you thought this deal couldn’t get any better, they offer a 60-day money back guarantee! So even after all that, if for some reason you try it out and realize it’s not for you, just send it back and they’ll give you a full refund. If that doesn’t scream confidence in their product I don’t know what does.


So, is this the world’s best pillow for neck and shoulder pain? A bold claim, but YES it is.

This is the best pillow I’ve tried ever tried. I’ve tried feathers, memory foam, gel pillows… and none of them are as good as this one. The quality is great, it keeps you cool, it’s super comfortable, and incredibly supportive. I wake up feeling like I’ve had a deeper sleep, with no weird kinks in my neck, no tight back, and no foggy head.

This pillow is the real deal, and for the price + discounts + money back guarantee you really can’t beat it.

What Are Anti Snore Pillows?

Anti snore pillows are pillows that help the sleeper elevate their head to open their airways more to stop them from snoring. When you lay flat you’re more prone to snoring. To fix this some sleepers will buy pillows with more loft, like a wedge pillow for snoring, which is basically a wedge made from memory foam. Personally I think there are much better options for anti snoring pillows.

Another type of pillow people will try is a smart pillow for snoring. These are pillows that sense when your snoring and inflate gently to stop your snoring without waking you up. However, at around $500 these are pretty expensive and we believe there are better, less expensive alternatives like the ones listed above.

What Is The Best Sleep Apnea Pillow?

If you suffer from sleep apnea, or are afraid sleep apnea is genetic and you might get it from your parents, you’re going to want to invest in a sleep apnea pillow. Of the top anti snoring pillows we mentioned, the one that is best suited for sleep apnea is Nitetronic. Sleep apnea can cause you to sleep poorly, which is why Nitetronic proactively listens for snoring or disruptions in breathing, and it gently inflates to roll your head over. This advanced tech easily makes it the best sleep apnea pillow on the market.

Anti Snore Pillows For Side Sleepers

In this article we talked mostly about anti snoring pillows for those that sleep on their backs. However, a large percentage of snorers also sleep on their sides. Of the pillows mentioned above, the Sleepgram pillow would be the best anti snore pillow for side sleepers. This is because it’s very comfortable, and not too rigid, yet has the right amount of loft.

Wrapping Up

Many people want to know, do anti snore pillows work? We hope this article answered that question and we hope one of these anti snore pillows will help you get a better sleep.