Best Memory Foam Mattress (2022) – “Beats Out $5,000 Mattresses”

Best Mattress 2022

Product Name: Lull Mattress

Product Description: Lull is a mattress company that allows consumers to purchase a premium foam mattress at a fraction of the cost of traditional retail stores. Consumers can save up to 75% off their purchase, get $150 off discount, free shipping and handling, 100 night trial (no-hassle returns) and a 10-year warranty.

Brand: Lull

Offer price: $799

Availability: OnlineOnly


Let me start by saying I can’t believe a mattress this good exists at this price. Lull Mattress is clearly one of the best memory foam mattresses on the market. Although it costs significantly less than a $5,000 Tempurpedic mattress, we couldn’t tell the difference in a side by side comparison. What makes Lull so great is they have figured out a new kind of business model for mattresses, where you get to skip the visit to the mattress store (which causes mattresses to be significantly market up so the mattress store can make their profit), and order online. What’s great about this is they pay for shipping – yes you read that correctly the shipping is FREE – and you have 100 nights to test it out with no risk of having to keep it. If after 100 days you don’t like it, you can send it back for a full refund. However, with that said most people don’t because it is such a great mattress for the price.



  • Firmness is medium to high in the coveted “just right” Goldilocks zone
  • Bed adapts to you over time
  • Keeps you cool while you sleep
  • Is insanely comfortable
  • Offers great neck and back support
  • Full refund within 100 days of sleeping on it
  • 10 year warranty
  • They pay for all shipping and handling costs
  • Offer generous financing
  • Out ranks $5,000 mattresses


  • Only Available Online

“I was about to spend a full month’s pay on a $5,000 Tempurpedic until I heard about the Lull Mattress which is just as good but I saved $4,103.67. By far the best decision I’ve made in a long time, plus I’m sleeping better on the Lull Mattress than I have in years.

What Is Lull

Lull is a memory foam mattress-in-a-box, that ships for free directly to you. This business model allows Lull to offer you their premium mattresses at a massive discounts. By cutting out the mattress store middle men (who often drastically mark up their mattresses so they can earn a commission) Lull is able to offer a premium memory foam mattress at an unbeatable price.

But is their mattress worth it, or should you spend thousands more on a name brand mattress from a mattress store? With all the memory foam mattresses out there, I’m putting Lull to the test to see if it’s the right one for you. Keep reading for my full review on everything from it’s firmness down to the materials it’s made of.

Who Is The Lull Mattress Right For?

When looking for the right mattress it’s important to take into account a few questions.

  1. What is your sleeping position (side, stomach, or back)?
  2. How big are you?
  3. Are you sharing the mattress with someone else?
  4. Would you be better off with a smart mattress instead?

Testing The Lull Mattress In Different Sleeping Positions

  • Side Sleepers – Lull is great for side sleepers because you don’t sink into it so much that you can’t transition from side to side, and the way it’s made allows you to get comfortable, but easily switch sides.
  • Back Sleepers – Back sleepers will LOVE the Lull mattress purely because it does have a little bit of “sink” to it where you sink into it a little bit, and feel really snug.
  • Stomach Sleepers – After sleeping on Lull on my stomach I realized how comforting it is. You don’t sink in so much that it’s hard to get up, but you sink in just right to where it feels like you’re safe, and tucked in, if that makes sense.

Is Lull Right For Big Sleepers (250lbs+)

It’s recommended that larger sleepers find a mattress that is between 6-8 on the firmness scale out of ten, ten being the most firm. So yes, heavier sleepers will find Lull very comfortable and supportive (see firmness review below).

Lull Mattress Performance For Couples

If you’re in a relationship and sleep with a partner you’ll likely be looking at factors when buying a mattress that single folks don’t have to consider. For example you may want to consider motion transfer. How much does the other person tossing and turning affect you while you’re sleeping.

Motion Transfer – When you’re sharing the bed with someone else you don’t want to feel the entire bed shake when they move around at night. This is one of the things that makes Lull the best memory foam mattress. It’s proprietary foam design is made to absorb shock on one side of the bed so it can’t be felt on the other, making Lull the perfect mattress for couples

Sex – Lull is a great mattress for couples to have sex on because it is easy to move around, doesn’t create any excess noise, and its material allows it to be responsive. Its a very nice option for couples who want to move around easily.

Cooling – Things can get hot when sleeping with a partner. Two people’s body heat working together under the sheets can start to get toasty. But Lull’s mattress is designed to be a cooling mattress, so you’ll never get too hot. Lull uses gel in its top layer to help dissipate heat. As someone with night sweats, after sleeping on this mattress for a few weeks I didn’t sweat once.

Edge Support Edge support is a mattress’s ability to maintain strong edges when you’re laying on them, and is a sign of a high quality mattress. If they slump when you lay on them it’s a red flag and not a mattress you want. Couples tend to use up the most amount of real estate on a mattress so edge support is super important when looking for a mattress for couples. Lull has some of the best edge support I’ve seen in any mattress we’ve tested. I’m someone who likes to throw an arm off the bed when I’m sleeping on my stomach and sleep on the edge of the mattress, and this mattress fully supported my weight (I’m 203 lbs).

Lull Mattress Pain Relief Performance

When you wake up with stiff or sore neck, back or shoulders it’s usually due to the mattress putting pressure on those areas. This is a tell tale sign you have the wrong mattress. The goal is to find a mattress that doesn’t cause you to wake up in the morning feeling sore and stiff. To test this, we laid on a pressure mat on the Lull Mattress to make sure it wasn’t adding any unnecessary pressure that could cause us to be sore. Here are the results.

Shoulder Pain – I was very impressed with this reading. The shoulder is typically where you would find the most pressure on a side sleeper and the lull mattress barely went into the green, which I love. This is a great sign and shows that side sleepers shouldn’t have issues with shoulder pain.

Back Pain – No surprise here, the back is basically blue, meaning low to no pressure. This mattress is excellent for back sleepers.

Hip Pain – This is usually the position we would see some hip pain, but in looking at the pressure map it barely ticks green. This mattress won’t cause hip pain if you’re a stomach sleeper.

Overall this mattress ranks very high on pain relief. If you’re looking for a mattress to relieve pain, soreness, or stiffness then I can confidently say you won’t be disappointed with the Lull Mattress.

“Just Right” Firmness – “Not too soft, not too firm”

What I personally like about the Lull Mattress is they designed their mattress to be in the “Goldilocks” zone of firmness. This means it’s firm, but not too firm. It’s firm enough to be supportive, but not so firm it will cause unnecessary pressure points on your body while you sleep.

No matter if you’re a stomach, back, or side sleeper lull has been designed to keep you comfortable (yet supported) without imposing too much pressure on you while you sleep.

What Is The Lull Mattress Made Of?

The Lull is an all-foam bed that uses a combination of memory and poly foams to create a balanced feel. But these aren’t your everyday foams. The memory foam is infused with gel to help dissipate heat, and all of the foams are CertiPUR-US Certified, meaning they’re free of a variety of harmful chemicals.

Cover First up, you’ll find a cover made from a polyester blend that has a durable, cozy feel.

Comfort Layer Beneath the cover, there’s a comfort layer made from 1.5” of gel-infused memory foam. In classic memory foam fashion, this layer has a slow response to pressure, allowing sleepers to sink in for some body-contouring and pressure relief. Meanwhile, the gel infusion helps draw heat away from the sleeper.

Transition Layer Next up is another 1.5” foam layer, but this time it’s made of poly foam. It’s a little firmer and has a quicker response to pressure than the memory foam above it. This layer helps balance out the softness of the memory foam, creating a mix of support and comfort that could appeal to back and side sleepers.

Base Layer Finally, you’ll find 7” of high-density poly foam. This material is firmer than all the layers above, and it helps provide support and structure for the mattress.

How Much Does Lull Mattress Cost?

The Lull Mattress comes in 3 different styles – Original, Original Premium, & Luxe Hybrid. They each have their own benefits

OriginalOriginal PremiumLuxe Hybrid
Twin XL$399$749$899
Cal King$949$1299$1599
Discount-$400 OFF-$500 OFF-$700 OFF

How Can Lull Afford To Charge So Little?

A lot of people want to know how Lull can charge as little as they do, but the truth is it all comes down to simple economics. They decided to sell only online, which cuts out the expensive middle men who try to take their profit by jacking up the prices. As a result, that savings gets passed on to you.

And a lot of these giant mattress companies have CEOs and executives that demand million dollar salaries, and someone has to pay for that… you guessed it – the consumer.

Finally, Lull doesn’t spend nearly as much on advertising as the big guys, so they can afford to pass along those savings as well.

Is Lull Offering Any Deals or Discounts?

YES! Right now Lull is offering $400 OFF any mattress purchases, plus they’re offering FREE shipping on all new orders. Besides that they let you sleep on the mattress for 100 days before you fully decide if you want a refund or not so there’s no risk. And if you do decide to keep it there’s a 10 year warranty to protect the purchase in case anything happens. They really are the best in terms of value.

Final Thoughts

We Love It

After spending a week sleeping on the Lull Original, reviewing it, testing it, and comparing it to other (much) more expensive mattresses, I came to the conclusion that this really is one of the best mattresses on the market. It kind of does it all, and it does it at a price it’s competitors can’t compete with.

In the week that I’ve been testing it I’ve slept like a baby. I wake up feeling refreshed with no stiffness or soreness. And as a pretty bad night sweater, I have to say I didn’t get overheated once this week sleeping on the Lull Mattress.

Ultimately there are mattress brands out there that are trying to charge you 5x the price for the same thing. Lull does it just as good, they just have a better business model so they can give you the same mattress much cheaper than the other guys.

Lull Mattress Overall Score

Editor’s Choice
Lull Mattress
  • Keeps You Cool
  • Great For Couples
  • Best Value
  • Super Comfortable
  • Great For Neck/Back/Shoulder Pain
  • Long, Full Coverage Warranty
  • Sleep On It 100 Nights Risk Free
  • Only Available Online