Top 5 Best Rated Anti Snoring Devices 2023 – [Ranked & Reviewed By Sleep Experts]

There’s a lot of information online about how to cure snoring, and it’s easy to get information overload. So we created a short list of the top 6 best anti snoring devices online, to make it easy for you to find the device that’s right for you.

Best Overall anti snoring device


Meet the #1 dentist recommended anti snore mouth piece. Great for mouth breathers, super comfortable, and works immediately. It gently pushes the lower jaw out a few millimeters, which opens the airways and stops snoring.

Best Anti Snore Nasal Dilator

Hale Breathing

Hale Nasal Dilator is one of the best nasal anti snoring devices on the market. It’s easy and comfortable to wear, and it instantly opens up your nasal passageways to make breathing easier and to stop you from snoring.


We thoroughly test every product featured in our reviews and guide to provide accurate, data-driven recommendations. Each product was reviewed using the Snore Sense iPhone app to see how well it reduced snoring. We recommend anyone who snores or thinks they snore use the app to get a snore score and verify their snore products are actually working.

Our method for finding the best anti snoring devices was fairly simple. First we wanted to find devices that had a minimum of 1,000 5-star reviews. Second, we wanted to make sure for ourselves that they worked. So we ordered a bunch of these devices and put them to the test.

Our method for testing these anti snoring devices was simple. We tested it on ourselves or our partners who snore. Luckily there are more than enough guinea pigs to try out these snoring devices on. We set up a sleep tracker that listens to when you snore, and got a weeks worth of snoring data without the snoring devices so we had a baseline of what this tester’s regular snoring sounded like.

Then we used the anti snoring devices on them and compared the results. Each tester tried out every product, and then we aggregated the data to see which devices worked the best. We even went so far as to figure out which ones work best on mouth breathers vs nose breathers. Below are the top 6 best anti snoring devices based on our results, in order of their effectiveness.

What are the best anti snoring devices?



#1 Rated Anti Snoring Device

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Our Take

ZQuiet is by far the best anti snoring mouthpiece and sleep apnea mouth guard on the market. It’s a quick and easy way to immediately stop snoring. Great for those who don’t want an electronic anti snoring device. Their simple mold is softer, less bulky, more flexible, more comfortable, and less costly than custom dental anti snoring molds which usually cost thousands. This comes dentist recommended and has the best refund policy at a 60-day guarantee.


out of 10

Best ForMouth Breathers
Refund Policy60 Days
PromotionGet 50% Off

What Makes ZQuiet So Special?

The genius behind the ZQuiet anti snoring devices lies in its design. It gently moves your lower jaw out just a tiny bit, only a few millimeters, but this is enough to open the contracted airways in your throat that cause you to snore at night.

Snoring is caused when the airways of your through constrict while you sleep, causing the soft tissue to flap with the air going in and out, resulting in the snoring noise. ZQuiet corrects this. But what truly makes ZQuiet stand out is that it doesn’t require expensive molds. You just order it, and it’s ready-to-use with its universal fit.

It’s also been designed to be highly comfortable, so you barely even notice it’s there. Made of medical grade material, and without the need for expensive molds, ZQuiet is truly one of the best anti snoring devices of the 21st century.

Key Features

  • FDA approved – ZQuiet is FDA approved to stop snoring which is why over 1.5 million sleepers trust it.
  • Universal fit – Works immediately right out of the box
  • Comfortable material – The medical grade material used by ZQuiet is extremely comfortable
  • 60-Night Money Back Guarantee – If you don’t like it within 60 days of trying it you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked.
  • Trusted By Over 1.5 Million Sleepers – ZQuiet is used and trusted by millions of sleepers who are waking up refreshed, energized, and more well rested each morning

Pricing, Promotions & Refunds

Most mouth guards for snoring cost hundreds of dollars. But ZQuiet costs only $59.99 thanks to its 50% discount, which we recommend taking advantage of before it expires. On orders of 2 or more they offer FREE shipping, and if you buy 2 you get 1 FREE. They also have a very generous refund policy which allows you to return your product for a full refund if you don’t like it after 60 Days.

Likes & Dislikes


  • Made in the U.S.A.🇺🇸
  • Universal fit makes it easy to use
  • It actually works
  • Very comfortable
  • Stops me from grinding my teeth at night
  • My snoring went away
  • You wake up feeling refreshed and energized instead of groggy and tired fromo snoring
  • Great refund policy


  • Only available online

Bottom Line

ZQuiet is the best anti snoring device on the market. It’s easy to use, is very affordable, and most importantly of all it actually works. With over 1.5 million users who trust it nightly, it’s hard to debate that there’s a better option. And with their limited time 50% discount it’s a great deal. If you or someone you know has an issue with snoring, we highly recommend checking out ZQuiet today.


Snore Sense

Best Snoring App

Our Take

Snore Sense is an amazing a snore tracking app that allows you understand your snoring problem so you can fix it. It allows you to select a variety of factors that might contribute to your snoring so you can start to see trends emerge – for example, maybe you only snore after drinking alcohol before bed. Snore Sense will discover this trend for you so you can make the appropriate lifestyle changes and get healthy. Record yourself snoring, track your snoring, get solutions to fix your snoring. It also helps you see if the snore solutions you’re trying are actually working. It’s like having a sleep doctor in your room every night.


out of 10

Best ForAll Snorers
Trial Period7 Days
Promotion7 Days FREE

What makes Snore Sense So Special?

What makes the Snore Sense app so special is its unique algorithm that tells you how bad your snoring is. It uses a scale between 1 and 100 – 100 being the worst – to rate your snoring, and it helps you bring that score down overtime until you stop snoring for good.

It’s ability to hear a snore, log it, and assign important data to it – like what time it happened, how long after bedtime did it happen, what was its duration and intensity, etc make it a dream app for snorers who are trying to get healthy.

And the recordings are crystal clear, which makes understanding your issue much easier.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Effective Algorithms – Detects snoring, snoring intensity & snoring duration to assign a personalized snore score.
  • Clear Recordings – Crystal clear recordings so you can listen back in full detail.
  • Easy To Use – So user friendly my 91 year old grandmother can use it.
  • Discover Solutions – Use the data to find the best solutions to stop your snoring
  • Track Trends – See what lifestyle factors are contributing to your snoring so you can change them
  • Doctor Recommended – Recommended by doctors and dentists

I Tried Snore Sense For A Month, Here Are My Results

Play the video below to hear my snoring – Snore Sense captures each time you snore in the night, and you can click the bar on the graph and listen to each episode. Watch the video below to see how it works:

I’m a notoriously loud snorer, to the point where my wife has threatened to sleep in another room if I didn’t do something about it. So, I downloaded Snore Sense and decided to try it for a month to see if it could really fix my snoring.

It was super quick and easy to download, and they offer a 7-day free trial. So I signed up for the monthly plan, and got started. They ask a couple of simple prompts when you first sign up to get your age and gender, which helps their algorithm understand how to rate your snore score.

Now that the app was downloaded I was ready for bedtime, so I hit “Start Recording.” When you hit “Start Recording” it will first ask you to select any factors that might affect your sleeping, like your weight, alcohol, have you worked out before bed… 

All of this is super important to enter every night so you can start to understand what you’re doing in your life that may be contributing to your snoring so you can make the appropriate lifestyle changes needed to stop.

Then it asks you to input any snoring remedies you may be using, like a snoring pillow or a mouthpiece. This is great because if you use one that doesn’t work, or use one that works better than another one, Snore Sense will track this. 

Over time you’ll start to get a very clear picture of what helps you stop snoring and what was contributing to your snoring. As a result you’ll be able to make the appropriate lifestyle changes, and eventually stop snoring as your snore score goes up. That’s the hope anyway.

What Is The “Snore Score”

The snore score is basically what percentage of the night did you sleep without snoring.

Snore sense calculates your snore score by taking the percentage of time you snored throughout the night (duration of snoring divided by total time sleeping), and subtracting it from 100 – essentially giving you a percentage of time slept without snoring. The goal is to get to a night of 100% no snoring.

With that said, here’s my snore score over the course of a month of testing the app. Notice how it drops as the app starts to identify what’s making me snore:

Day 1: 82

Day 2: 86

Day 3: 81

Day 4: 76

Day 5: 83

Day 6: 84

Day 7: 89

Day 8: 88

Day 9: 92

Day 10: 93

Day 11: 91

Day 12: 94

Day 13: 94

Day 14: 95

Day 15: 97

Day 16: 96

Day 17: 95

Day 18: 93

Day 19: 94

Day 20: 95

Day 21: 96

Day 22: 98

Day 23: 97

Day 24: 97

Day 25: 98

Day 26: 99

Day 27: 99

Day 28: 100 (first night of no snoring!) 🥳

Day 29: 100 🥳

Day 30: 100 🥳

As you can see, this app actually works. What it allowed me to do was see a few things. First, it allowed me to hear how bad my snoring really was. Second, it allowed me to identify the lifestyle habits that were correlating to my bad snoring – mainly drinking before bed, that was a huge contributing factor. Finally, I tried a few different anti snore products, and the one that worked the best for me in terms of getting the lowest snore score was the Zquiet mouthpiece. 

Pricing & Promotions

Snore Sense has two pricing options – $5.99/mo or $29.99/year. Considering this app works, and will absolutely get your snoring under control, allowing you to live a longer, healthier life and get better sleep, I’d say it’s well worth it. And the best part is you can download it and try it for 7 days completely FREE. It’s kind of a no brainer.

Conclusion – Is Snore Sense App Worth The Download?

Absolutely YES! This is an app that anyone who wants to get their snoring under control needs to download. It will really help paint a clear picture of why you’re snoring, and what you can do about it. It will show you what lifestyle changes you need to make to sleep better and be healthier and stop snoring. And it will help you identify which anti snoring products will work best for you. A typical sleep doctor would cost you thousands to get this kind of data. The fact this app only costs $5.99/mo or $29.99/year is a steal.


Good Morning Snore Tongue Retainer

Best Device For Preventing Sleep Apnea

Our Take

For people who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, there is really no better solution than a tongue retainer. Your tongue is generally what obstructs your breathing at night, so a tongue retainer like Good Morning Snore is ideal. And the best tongue retainer on the market is Good Morning Snore. You’ll wake up feeling much better, and won’t snore or have pauses in your breathing at night. It’s a game changer.


out of 10

Best ForSleep Apnea Sufferers
Refund Policy30 Days
PromotionGet $5 OFF

From the very first night I tried the Good Morning Snore Tongue Retainer, I was genuinely amazed at the transformation it brought to my sleep quality. Gone were the nights of interrupted sleep and waking up feeling groggy. This product is a testament to the wonders of innovative design and the dedication to improving the lives of snorers and their partners.

The comfort level of this tongue retainer is unparalleled. It fits snugly, ensuring that it stays in place throughout the night, yet it’s gentle enough that you barely notice it’s there. The material is soft, flexible, and hypoallergenic, making it suitable for just about anyone. It’s evident that a lot of thought went into its ergonomic design to ensure users get the best experience possible.

But what truly sets the Good Morning Snore Tongue Retainer apart is its effectiveness. I was skeptical at first, but the results speak for themselves. Not only did it drastically reduce my snoring, but I also found myself waking up feeling more refreshed and energized. My partner, who used to be frequently disturbed by my snoring, now enjoys uninterrupted sleep and has expressed immense gratitude for this product.

One of the most commendable features of the Good Morning Snore Tongue Retainer is its ability to address obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a condition that affects countless individuals worldwide. OSA occurs when the muscles at the back of the throat fail to keep the airway open, causing interruptions in breathing during sleep.

This tongue retainer ingeniously works by holding the tongue forward, preventing it from collapsing back into the throat. By doing so, it ensures a clear airway, reducing the chances of breathing interruptions. Numerous users have reported significant relief from the symptoms of OSA, highlighting not just a reduction in snoring, but also experiencing deeper, more restorative sleep. This isn’t just a tool for snoring; it’s a beacon of hope for those grappling with the challenges of sleep apnea.

In conclusion, the Good Morning Snore Tongue Retainer is more than just a product; it’s a life-enhancing solution. For anyone struggling with snoring issues, I wholeheartedly recommend giving this a try. It’s a small investment for the promise of peaceful nights and rejuvenated mornings. Cheers to better sleep and happier relationships!


Derila Anti Snore Pillow

Top Rated Pillow To Stop Snoring

Our Take

If you’re looking for a pillow to help with your snoring, look no further than the Derila pillow. It’s been designed to align your head, neck and spine in such a way that opens your airway more, to prevent the soft tissues of your airway from constricting which causes snoring.


out of 10

Best ForBack Sleepers
Refund Policy30 Days
PromotionGet 70% Off

The Derila pillow is perfect for those who snore and sleep on their backs. It perfectly supports and aligns the neck to the correct angles so that your breathing isn’t constrained which causes snoring.

The angle of the pillow helps to open up the airways so you can breathe easier while you sleep and snore less. It’s also very comfortable and guaranteed to give you a great night sleep.

Sometimes all you need to stop snoring is a pillow that gives your head and neck the right level of support, and allows you to breathe easier.


Hale Breathing

Best Nasal Anti Snoring Device

Our Take

If you’re looking for a way to breathe easier through your nose to help you sleep better and stop snoring, this super discreet breathing device is perfect. Hale is virtually undetectable, you barely notice you’re wearing it, and it’s one of the best anti snoring devices because it not only prevents you from snoring, but it makes breathing through your nose an absolute breeze. If fact, it’s a great way to fix a deviated septum without surgery.


out of 10

Best ForNose Breathers
Refund Policy30 Days
PromotionBuy 2 Get 1 FREE

It’s time to make breathing in bed easy. Whether you have a stuffy nose and can’t breath, or you’re a mouth breather, Hale will allow you to finally easily breathe through your nose. This not only helps you fall asleep faster and sleep better, but it keeps you from snoring.

You typically snore when you have to breathe through your mouth, but with your nasal passageway completely clear, you won’t need to be a mouth breather while you sleep.



Best Device To Clear Phlegm

Our Take

AirPhysio removes the mucus buildup in your airways, allowing you to breathe easier and snore less. It’s a very unique, longterm solution for snoring and we think it’s something everyone who snores should be using daily. Mucus buildup is a major contributing factor to snoring and other major health issues, so by removing it you will naturally snore less and live a healthier life. AirPhysio also helps you to naturally breathe easier over time by restoring your lungs to their maximum capacity. Think of it as a personal trainer for your lungs.


out of 10

Best ForAll Snorers
Refund Policy30 Days
PromotionBuy 2 Get 1 FREE

What is AirPhysio?

AirPhysio is a device that you blow into for a few minutes per day, and it gently clears the mucus out of your airways, clears up your breathing, and restores your maximum lung capacity. It does this with a steal ball that gently vibrates when you blow into it, causing the excess mucus in your airways to break loose and come out.

This makes it an excellent choice for people who snore, because mucus buildup is well known to be a contributing factor to snoring, so naturally getting rid of it and improving your lung capacity will help you to stop snoring.

AirPhysio is also used by over 250,000 customers. This is because it doesn’t just help solve snoring for a night, but it trains your body to stop snoring all together.

Anti snoring devices are great, and many work wonders. But if you’re looking for a way to stop snoring naturally, without the use of a device while you sleep, you may want to look into AirPhysio.

What Are Some Good CPAP Alternatives?

Before making any decisions regarding your health, you should first consult your doctor. With that said, CPAP machines can cost thousands of dollars. And they’re often purchased as a knee jerk reaction to a snoring problem where breathing while you sleep is more difficult. Not all snoring issues mean your need a thousand dollar CPAP machine.

Often times CPAP alternatives can help solve your issue. A device you wear to bed that helps you breathe easier, like some of the anti-snoring devices mentioned above, can solve many of the breathing issues you may be dealing with while you sleep.

For example, the HVN Sleep Pod will automatically detect when your airways are too flat, causing you to snore, and sends a corrective signal to help open your airways while you sleep, making it one of the best CPAP alternatives.

Nasal dilators like Hale Breathing also make good CPAP alternatives as they open up the nasal passageways while you sleep, allowing you to breathe easier and stop suffering from lack of oxygen while sleeping.

If you are suffering from a lack of oxygen while you sleep you should consult your doctor, but keep in mind there are great CPAP alternatives on the market, like the anti snoring devices listed above.

The bottom line

Snoring is dangerous and can cause a myriad of longterm and short-term health problems. It’s something you need to get under control if you want to live a longer, healthier life.

If you’re looking for the best anti snoring devices that will stop snoring in its tracks, the top four mentioned above will get the job done. But which one should you pick? That all depends on your preference. Do you want to wear the anti snoring device on your chin, wrist, or in your mouth?

If you want anti snoring devices that also collect sleeping data through an app to help you sleep better? If so you may lean towards the HVN Sleep Pod. If you’d rather wear it to bed on your wrist, then the Sleep Connection wristband is more your style. Or, if you don’t want an anti snoring device that sends electric signals, then the ZQuiet is perfect for you.

The bottom line is they all work, and they’ll all stop snoring dead in its tracks and give you, and your loved ones a more peaceful night’s sleep.