This Simple iPhone App Cured My Nasty Snoring Habit and Got My Wife To Sleep With Me Again (the health benefits are insane)

My wife was threatening to sleep in a different room. My sleep was getting worse. And my health and relationship were taking a toll. 

“What the heck is happening?” I thought. 

Snoring. Snoring is what’s happening. Apparently over the last few years I’ve developed somewhat of a nasty little snoring problem. And now it’s gotten so bad that my wife can’t sleep in the same room as me. To make matters worse, it’s starting to affect my health. 

You see, when you snore you breathe in less air while you sleep. Your blood oxygen level plummets about 15%, and your brain doesn’t get the necessary oxygen it needs to function at its highest level. As a result, you feel groggy, moody, forgetful, and low energy the next day. 

On top of that, I’ve recently learned that my new snoring habit could cut my life expectancy by as much as 15 years if I don’t get it under control! People who are chronic snorers are at much higher risk of obesity, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and even an early death. 

Trying To Find A Snoring Solution That Actually Works

With all of that to think about, on top of wanting to keep my wife in my bed, I knew I had to figure something out, or I’d be sleeping alone for the rest of my short life. So I started doing research on how to get rid of snoring. 

But unfortunately my searches returned nothing but expensive gadgets. So I decided to post to facebook and ask my friends and family if anyone had had success with any snoring remedies. 

I got a few answers saying I should try talking to a sleep doctor, but my insurance wouldn’t cover that and those tests can run up into the thousands of dollars. Finally, after a few days, a friend responded with a rather interesting comment. 

He said he also had a snoring problem, and went through a handful of different pricey devices that didn’t work, when finally, he found something that not only worked, but it cured his snoring for good. It was an app – a snoring app – for the iPhone. 

Discovering Snore Sense – The App That Records, Tracks, & Finds Solutions To Your Snoring

snore sense app

This snoring app, called Snore Sense, records your snoring each night. It measures things like your snoring duration and snoring intensity, then using an advanced algorithm to assign a “snore score” between 1 and 100. The lower the score, the worse your snoring, the higher the score, the better your snoring.

But what makes this app so special is each night before going to bed, you can select “contributing factors” that affect your sleep, so it knows the circumstances under which you’re going to bed. 

Things like did you drink before going to bed, did you take sedatives, did you eat late… all things that can contribute to snoring. Then, over time you can start to see correlations between your bad lifestyle choices, and your snoring so you can fix it.

Snore Sense also allows you to select between dozens of different kinds of anti-snoring remedies you may be using that night – from nasal strips to snoring pillows. And that way you can track to see if the expensive anti snoring gadgets you’re using are actually worth the price tag.

How It Works: Record Your Snoring, Then Play It Back

Play the video below to see how easy it is to record, and listen to yourself snoring at night. Do this to gain valuable insights into your own snoring habits.

Each bar in the graph represents a moment the app caught you snoring, and recorded it. Click the bar to hear that specific episode of snoring.

By getting this data over the course of a few weeks, you can start to make important lifestyle adjustments that lead to a much better “snore score,” or no more snoring.

My friend said it’s just like having a sleep doctor on call each night while you sleep, analyzing your snoring, then giving you the data the next morning.

So I decided to try this anti-snoring app, Snore Sense to see what it was all about. I opened the app, and it was really easy to use. It asks you to enter your age and gender before you get started, which I assume is used to calculate your snore score.

Super Easy To Use

To track, gather data and understand your snoring so you can make the appropriate adjustments for your health, you really only need to do these 4 simple steps:

  1. Select your sleep factors and snore remedies
  2. Hit Record
  3. Listen to yourself snore the next morning
  4. Look at your data to see what’s working, and what’s not working, and keep doing what is working

Then you get prompted to pay. The app costs $5.99/month or $29.99/year – which given the important sleep data you’re collecting on yourself is a fraction of what a sleep doctor would charge for the same thing. 

I chose the annual option. But it’s worth noting you don’t get charged right away. They offer a 7-day free trial so you can try it for a week before getting charged to see if you really like it. So you basically have a full week to test it out and see if it’s worth it for you.

Now that I had it downloaded and all set up, it was time to use it. I told my wife I would be recording my snoring for at least a week, so I’d stay in the guest room to give her some peace and quiet.

I Tried Snore Sense For A Month, Here Are My Results


After using Snore Sense for a month, my snoring completely went away. It allowed me to identify certain lifestyle factors that were contributing to my snoring that I can avoid, and showed my certain anti snoring devices that work best for me – a nasal dilator. Combining the snoring remedies and tracking the bad lifestyle choices that were contributing to my snoring, I was able to stop my bad habit all together. The ultimate test was to see if my wife could hear anything, and she confirmed she hasn’t heard me snore in weeks! Snore Sense is well worth the free download, and something everyone who snores needs on their phone.

Night 1:

The first night I was going to bed I did have a late dinner, some drinks, and a stuffy nose. So I selected those as “sleep factors.” I also selected weight, and entered my weight, because heavier people tend to snore easier than skinnier people, and I was trying to lose weight, so I’d love to see if losing weight helped and track it.  

For night 1 I also won’t be using any snore remedies. I want to see how bad my snoring really is, and establish a baseline “snore score” to benchmark off of going forward. 

I tucked myself in, hit “Record” and dozed off. The next morning I woke up and ended my sleep session and checked my results. I was shocked. I knew my snoring was bad, but had no idea it was THIS bad. 

My “snore score” was an 77! That means I spent roughly 23% of the night snoring! I went back to listen to the recording of myself snoring and was disgusted! At that moment I really felt bad for my wife who’s been putting up with it for all this time. Hearing yourself snore on a recording is definitely an eye opener. There’s a big difference between knowing I snore, and actually hearing myself snore. 

Night 2:

Going to bed on the second night, I made sure my nose was clear, I didn’t drink any alcohol, and I made sure not to have a late meal. Hoping that avoiding these things will help me reduce my snoring, and achieve a higher “snore score.”

Viola! The next morning I woke up and my “snore score” had increased to 86! A great result, but still not good enough. When I listened to my recording I definitely still snored, however it was nowhere as bad as the first night. 

Night 3:

For night 3 I decided to try one of the “snore remedies” and sleep on my side. I’m traditionally a back sleeper, and am hoping this will help. And as a matter of fact, it did! The next morning my snore score had increased again, this time to 89.

This app is amazing so far, because I’m starting to see a pattern of things I should and shouldn’t be doing that are contributing to my snoring. And hearing it back confirms that night 3 wasn’t as bad as night 2, and night 2 wasn’t as bad as night 1. 

However, there was still work to be done. 

Night 7:

By night 7 I had increased my “snore score” up to a 94. I did this by continuing to do what worked, and then implementing new remedies. I’m also actively working to lose weight, and have dropped 3 lbs since I first started, which may or may not be helping, but either way this app is definitely working.

Some things I’ve noticed after my first week using Snore Sense:

  • I’ve been waking up feeling much more energized and refreshed
  • I’m more focused, and happier the next day
  • My snoring is going away
  • My sleep is drastically improving
  • I’m aware of what causes my snoring
  • I look and feel healthier than I have in years

Night 30:

By night 30 I had gotten my “snore score” all the way up to 100! Yes! 100 basically means I don’t snore anymore. Even when I listen to my recordings, I can barely hear anything and it doesn’t last, whereas night 1 it was intense, and lasted much longer. 

What I found worked best for me – thanks to Snore Sense leading the way – was a nasal dilator and side sleeping. These two combined really did a lot of work at eliminating my snoring. 

However, Snore Sense also made me keenly aware that if I make poor lifestyle choices before bed, like eating late or drinking, those are two major contributing factors to my snoring. So by cutting those out, and implementing side sleeping and a nasal dilator I’ve basically eliminated my snoring completely. 

Conclusion – Is Snore Sense Worth It?

The short answer is YES! With thousands of downloads and 5-star reviews, this app actually works.

Thanks to a friend who recommended this miracle app, I can peacefully sleep with my wife again. Our relationship has gotten so much better, my health has gotten so much better, and I feel amazing. And I was able to do all of this without expensive snoring devices, or visits to expensive sleep doctors. This app works, and it truly is a gamechanger for anyone who snores. Anyone who snores needs to have this on their iPhone.