Why People With Heartburn Are Switching To This $45 Acid Reflux Pillow… “The Health Benefits Are Incredible”

Are you tired of tossing and turning at night, feeling that burning sensation at the back of your throat? Do you dread the nights knowing you’ll be woken up by the discomfort of acid reflux? If this sounds all too familiar, I have good news. I want to introduce you to a product that may change your nights forever: The Sleepgram Adjustable Pillow.

Now, I know what you might be thinking. “Why can’t I just take a Tums?” You can, but often time they only work for a short period of time and the heartburn comes back in the middle of the night to wreak havoc on your sleep.

Why Conventional Pillows Just Won’t Cut It

You see, conventional pillows, no matter how ‘luxury’ or ‘orthopedic’ they claim to be, have a fixed design. They don’t adjust to your unique needs. This often results in an uneven elevation, forcing your head and neck to lie flat, which can exacerbate acid reflux.

Enter Sleepgram

The Sleepgram Adjustable Pillow is not your ordinary pillow. Oh no, far from it. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of pillows. Designed with three separate inner pillows, each filled with premium microfibers, it allows you to customize your pillow height and firmness.

  • Too high? Remove a layer.
  • Too soft? Add one back in.

It’s that simple.

So, How Does This Combat Acid Reflux?

For those suffering from acid reflux, it’s recommended to sleep with your head slightly elevated. The Sleepgram pillow, with its adjustable design, allows you to achieve that optimal angle, ensuring your esophagus remains above your stomach. This helps keep stomach acid where it belongs: in your stomach, not creeping up your throat.

Sleep Peacefully, Without The Burn

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Imagine lying down, knowing that tonight, acid reflux won’t be your midnight alarm clock. Imagine waking up refreshed, without the taste of acid lingering in your mouth. Sounds like a dream? The Sleepgram Adjustable Pillow aims to make that your reality.

But Don’t Just Take My Word For It…

Janet from Ohio writes:

“Since I started using the Sleepgram pillow, my nights have transformed! No more waking up choking. I can finally enjoy a full night’s sleep.”

Janet S.

Cleveland, Ohio

“The adjustability is genius! I tweaked it to find the perfect height for me. Acid reflux? What acid reflux?”

Mark D.

Austin, TX

Special Offer For Acid Reflux Sufferers

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Don’t let acid reflux steal another night’s sleep. Try the Sleepgram Adjustable Pillow, and discover the restful night you’ve been longing for.

To more restful nights and sweeter dreams,

P.S. Remember, a good day starts with a good night. And with Sleepgram, those nights might just be free from the grip of acid reflux. Don’t miss out!

UPDATE: Supply is running out fast after being featured on the Home Shopping Network

Due to recently being featured on the HSN, Sleepgram Pillows are in high demand and short supply. As of this writing they are still available on their website HERE. However we can’t guarantee supply, so recommend getting yours before they sell out.