Best Weighted Blanket Covers 2023 – [Ranked & Reviewed]

You may have a weighted blanket, but have you ever considered adding a weighted blanket cover?

Weighted blankets are one of the best things to have on your bed when you’re sleeping. They help you feel nice and secure, all tucked in, and can even help relieve anxiety. But what about when it comes time to wash your weighted blanket? They can sometimes weight up to 30 pounds, and although it’s possible to wash them, this can be a major hassle. That’s why so many people end up investing in a weighted blanket cover.

Why Do You Need A Weighted Blanket Cover?

There are a lot of reasons to invest in a weighted blanket cover. For one, it makes doing the laundry a whole lot easier. This allows you to sleep on a cleaner bed free from germs, bacteria, and other allergens like pet dander or bed mites. Here are some other reasons you may want to consider investing in a weighted blanket cover:

  • Hygiene – Having a weighted blanked cover allows you to keep your weighted blanket clean, and free from germs, bacteria, dust, allergens, dander, and mites.
  • Easy to Wash – Weighted blanket covers are much easier to wash than trying to wash the entire weighted blanket itself.
  • Customize Look & Feel – There are so many color, design, and fabric options for weighted blanket covers out there that allow you to pick the one that most fits your preference.
  • Extend The Life Of Weighted Blanket – Weighted blanket covers help protect and extend the life of your weighted blanket purchase.
  • Made With Non-Toxic Chemicals – You may own a weighted blanket that is made with harmful chemicals, but if you slip on a non-toxic weighted blanket cover, you’re protected.

These are just a few of the many benefits you get from using a weighted blanket cover. Getting one that matches your preferred aesthetic can help add to the vibes of your bedroom, and the comfort of your bed, in addition to keeping your much cleaner.

What Are The Best Weighted Blanket Covers?

Luxome Weighted Blanket Cover

1. Luxome Weighted Blanket Cover

Best Overall Weighted Blanket Cover – “Most Luxurious

Our Take

Luxome is king of weighted blankets, so it’s no surprise they have the best selection of weighted blanket covers. They offer 8 different color and style combinations in 3 different sizes. All of their covers are ultra lux, and insanely comfortable, and OEKO-TEX certified non-toxic. Easy to wash in the machine and keep clean, and are our #1 choice for those who really want to elevate their weighted blankets. The luxurious look and feel won’t just add to your bedroom aesthetic, but will make you even cozier, helping you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.


out of 10

Best ForBest Overall/ Most Luxurious
Refund Policy30 Days
PromotionFree Shipping

What Makes Luxome The Best Weighted Blanket Cover?

weighted blanket cover

Luxome weighted blanket covers aren’t some cheap no name weighted blanket cover from Amazon. They are the highest quality weighted blanket covers on the market. They’re meticulously deigned by a team of experts in Michigan whose goal is to make the best, most comfortable, highest quality weighted blanket covers online.

But what really makes them special is the amount of thought that went into them. For example, they add twice as many cover ties to the cover to prevent the weighted blanket from bunching. It’s this kind of thinking that has separated them from the competition.

They are also OTEKO-TEX certified, which means they make sure their weighted blanket covers are certified free of any toxic chemicals, so you know that you’re sleeping on something that isn’t harmful.

Finally, they just have the most options available. They have 8 different color and style combinations in 3 different sizes. Our favorite style is the Minky fabric with the navy + grey dot color scheme. It looks and feels amazing.

Key Features Of The Luxome Weighted Blanket Cover

To give you a better idea of what you’re getting when you buy the Luxome weighted blanket cover, let’s take a quick look at the key features:

  • 100% Machine Washable – Easy to remove and wash in the washer and dryer
  • OEKO-TEX Certified – Certified free of any toxic chemicals
  • 8 Color/Style Combinations – Choose the style and color that best fits your aesthetic
  • 3 Different Sizes – Choose the size that fits you and your bed best
  • Designed in the US – Fully designed in the United States
  • Two ultra plush fabrics to choose from – Choose between minky fabric and luxury bamboo
  • Hidden Zipper – Keeps you from getting poked by the zipper
  • 2x More Cover Ties – Keeps the weighted blanket from bunching

My Likes & Dislikes

For this review I ordered the large Luxome weighed blanket cover to slip onto my large weighed blanket. I had purchased a weighed blanket about a year ago but never purchased a cover for it until this review (I didn’t know what I was missing). I had just thrown my weighted blanket on top of my bed, and used it as a weight to help me fall asleep. And I never washed my weighed blanket because it was too heavy for my washer and dryer.

So after receiving Luxome’s weighted blanket cover in the mail (same day shipping + free shipping was amazing) I slipped it on. And I’m not exaggerating when I say that it completely transformed my weighted blanket. It was like brand new. The cover was softer than I thought it would be and it looked so much better.

It’s been a complete game changer for me because normally I would just throw my ugly gray weighted blanket on the bed and sleep with it, embarrassed when people would see it. But now it’s this beautiful, soft, blue and gray blanket that’s heavy, softy, and oh so comfortable.


  • Super comfortable
  • Looks great, and aesthetically pleasing
  • Blanket doesn’t get bunched thanks to multiple ties
  • Really easy to wash
  • Love there are no toxic chemicals
  • Shipping was free
  • Arrived fast thanks to same day shipping


  • Only available online


If you want to elevate your weighted blanket to be a super cozy, aesthetic statement piece, you need to throw on a Luxome weighted blanket cover. Most importantly it will keep you clean and hygienic, but secondly it will massively increase your comfort. You’ll stop using your weighted blanket just in bed, and start using it for movie nights, reading, relaxing… Highly recommend this brand as they are the highest quality and offer the most style options.