Best Pillows For Back Sleepers – We Reviewed 2023’s Best

There are 3 types of sleepers in this world – stomach sleepers, side sleepers, and back sleepers. And in order to get the best night’s sleep, you need to have a pillow that matches your sleep style. This post is for back sleepers. We reviewed and tested dozens of the best pillows for back sleepers, and narrowed it down to the top 3 we think are the cream of the crop.


We personally test every product featured in our reviews and guide to provide accurate, data-driven recommendations.

Best Overall

Sleepgram Pillow

This fully adjustable pillow is perfect for back sleepers to customize their support and loft. Most comfortable pillow for back sleepers.

Best Luxury Pillow

Nuzzle Pillow

my nuzzle pillow review

This premium adjustable pillow uses NASA technology to give you a “zero gravity” feel when you lay your head down. A pricier but excellent option for back sleepers.

Best For Neck Pain

Derila Pillow

This non-adjustable memory foam pillow is contoured and designed for those with neck pain. Best for back sleepers with neck pain.

What Makes A Pillow One Of The Best Pillows For Back Sleepers?

In order to be considered one of the best pillows for back sleepers, a pillow must have the right amount of loft. If it’s too flat, you may end up laying on your back and start snoring. It needs to have a great amount of support. You don’t want it to be so soft that it eventually flattens over time. 

It MUST be adjustable. In order to qualify as one of the best pillows for back sleepers you need to be able to adjust the pillow to your desired height, because after all, each person is different.

The pillow must be comfortable. What’s the point of having a pillow if it’s not going to be comfortable? With all of these qualities in mind, and more, we tested dozens of pillows to find the best pillows for back sleepers to enjoy and improve their sleep.

We tested everything from comfort to support, from cooling to loft. We even did a deep dive into each of these pillow’s pricing, promotions, return and refund policies, along with their respective warranties so you know you’ll be getting a good deal.

What Are The Best Pillows For Back Sleepers?

Sleepgram Pillow
Nuzzle Pillow
Derila Pillow

Our Take

Sleepgram is the best pillow for people who sleep on their backs because it’s fully adjustable. This allows back sleepers to give themselves the perfect firmness and loft that works best for them. It’s adjustable settings, great support, and high comfort rank it at the top of our list for best pillows for back sleepers


out of 10

RatingBest Overall
Refund Policy100 Days
PromotionFREE Shipping

What Makes Sleepgram The Best Pillow For Back Sleepers?

This pillow is super comfortable, very supportive, and feels so luxurious you’d think you were at a 5-star hotel… but that’s not what makes this pillow so amazing. 

What makes Sleepgram such a perfect pillow for people who sleep on their backs is how adjustable it is. This pillow comes with multiple inserts that you can put in and take out at your leisure, that make the pillow firmer, softer, have more loft, and have less loft. You can customize it until you get it to the perfect position for you when you’re laying down on your back (we recommend using both inserts).

Our favorite thing about this pillow is how it does a great job at aligning your neck and your spine while you sleep so you don’t wake up with a sore neck or back. After sleeping on this pillow for a week it’s easy to see the advantages this has. I feel more limber in the mornings, and my neck isn’t as tight. I don’t have to crack my back as much either. 

best pillows for back sleepers

This pillow is hypoallergenic, machine washable, and uses a down alternative fill called nanofibers. These nanofibers are extremely soft without giving up support, making it the perfect combination of comfort and support for your head and neck. They also last much longer than regular pillow fill, making them much more durable and less prone to flattening over time.

This is probably why Sleepgram Pillows offers a lifetime warranty on their pillows, and has a 100-night sleep trial where you have 100 days to try it for a full money back guarantee. That’s how confident they are in their pillow.

sleepgram pillow

Bottom Line: This pillow ranks #1 for best pillows for back sleepers. It allows you to set the appropriate loft for your head and neck, it has great spinal and neck alignment to keep you from getting sore, and it’s extremely comfortable and supportive. This is our top pick for best pillow for back sleepers.

my nuzzle pillow review

Our Take

Nuzzle is an adjustable pillow that gives a great amount of support and comfort to neck and head. It gives you excellent spinal alignment so you won’t have neck pain. What makes it so unique is it uses NASA designed technology to give your head a feeling of “zero-gravity” which for back sleepers feels great because it relieves any tension or pain causing pressure points.


out of 10

RatingBest Luxury Pillow
Refund Policy60 Days
PromotionGet 50% Off

The Nuzzle Pillow is another very comfortable, fully adjustable pillow that uses inserts to help you get it to the appropriate loft and firmness when sleeping on your back. It uses technology derived from NASA to give your head a feeling of “zero-gravity” while you sleep, which greatly benefits your neck and spine, and takes pressure off your neck muscles resulting in no neck pain.

It also uses nanofiber coils instead of memory foam or down as its fill. This is currently the “go to” fill for the top luxury pillows right now because it is the most supportive, and the most comfortable. 

The Nuzzle Pillow is great for back sleepers because it also creates great spinal alignment while you sleep so you don’t wake up feeling sore, or stiff as a board. And the “zero-gravity” design takes pressure off the back, making it the best pillow for back sleepers with back pain. It’s hypoallergenic and machine washable. 

As of this writing Nuzzle is taking 50% off their original price, so if you order now it’s half off. And with a 60-day trial period to try it out or get your money back, Nuzzle offers a very generous refund policy as well. We couldn’t find a warranty however. 

Bottom Line: Nuzzle is the premium, luxury choice for best pillows for back sleepers. It’s an excellent pillow in general, especially for those who want a very high quality pillow. It will help you to stop snoring and breathe easier with the right loft setting, and keep your neck and back from getting stiff or hurting with great spinal alignment. We highly recommend this pillow.

Our Take

Derila is the best pillow for back sleepers who have neck pain. It’s intentionally contoured and designed to help keep your head in the right position to align your spine and your neck and keep your head in place so you don’t hurt your neck. It’s not adjustable but still offers a decent amount of loft.


out of 10

RatingBest For Neck Pain
Refund Policy30 Days
PromotionGet 70% Off

The Derila pillow is a non-adjustable pillow for back sleepers. It’s contoured and designed specifically for those with neck pain who sleep on their backs, making it one of the best pillows for back sleepers with neck pain. If you have bad neck pain and sleep on your back, you may want to give this pillow a try. 

It’s soft yet supportive memory foam material makes falling asleep easy, and gives the firm support one would want out of a pillow when laying on their back. It angles the head high enough to help relieve snoring and the contours on either side of the head help to keep the head in place, which is great for spinal alignment.

It’s priced very fairly at $39.95, with a generous 70% discount. However, there was no warranty that we could find. 

Bottom Line: Overall this is one of the best pillows for back sleepers, especially those that are struggling with neck pain. The contoured memory foam is great at keeping your head in one place, and aligning your spine while providing the right amount of loft to alleviate snoring. If you struggle with neck pain and sleep on your back, you may want to give this pillow a try.

Benefits Of Sleeping On Your Back

Sleeping on your back actually has many benefits over side or stomach sleepers, and to take full advantage of them you’ll need the best pillows for back sleepers. Back sleepers often enjoy better spinal alignment because they’re laying in a neutral position. Which can greatly help to reduce the risk of developing neck or back pain.

Back sleepers also have a lower risk of developing acid reflux as they go to sleep because by sleeping on their back, they’re allowing gravity to keep their stomach acid where it belongs. This allows those susceptible to heartburn and acid reflux to enjoy a more peaceful night sleep.

Because you’re sleeping on your back, your face has less exposure to the pillow. This keeps your skin from developing wrinkles or acne from being pressed against the pillowcase all night.

Finally, for those with respiratory problems like sleep apnea or snoring, sleeping on your back is considered the ideal sleep position because it keeps your airways open.

Bottom Line

Millions of people sleep on their backs every night, and they may be inadvertently hurting themselves by sleeping on the wrong kind of pillow. If you’re a back sleeper you need to make sure you have the best pillows for back sleepers.

A pillow that supports your head and neck, gives great support, is made of the right material, and is comfortable. The pillows listed above are our top choices for best pillows for back sleepers. So if you’re a back sleeper, we’d recommend giving one of them a try and start getting the best sleep you’ve had in years.